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We inform all prospective contributors to Sztuka i Filozofia about the rules which we intend to follow when accepting texts for publication:

(General guidelines on selection criteria for papers submitted to Sztuka i Filozofia)

  1. Materials sent will not be returned. Sztuka i Filozofia reserves the rights to make additional changes in texts submitted when necessary.
  2. Due to time consuming revision process authors whose texts are not selected for publication will not be contacted. Reviewer’s form can be downloaded here.
  3. Authors are advised to submit papers using the form on the website, by email to, or posting two printed copies together with an electronic version on a CD to Sztuka i Filozofia, Institute of Philosophy, Aesthetics Department, Krakowskie Przedmieście 3, 00-927 Warsaw, Poland.
  4. The Editorial Team of “Art and Philosophy” actively opposes plagiarism, ghostwriting, and guest authorship. A submitted article will be considered for review and publication only upon its Author’s declaration of the authenticity and originality of the article. The declaration form can be downloaded here and should be signed and returned to the address of the Editorial Office.
  5. All translations must be accompanied by detailed bibliography of the original version, including the place and time of publication and source, where applicable. The author will be held responsible for providing such information.
  6. Articles submitted should not exceed 22 pages of normal typescript, e.g. 1800 characters per page. Reviews should be no more than 8 pages long.
  7. All notes and references in the article should be provided in accordance with either The Chicago Manual of Style or MHRA, latest editions, used consistently throughout the article. Additional texts such as epigraphs should also be accompanied by a footnote with all bibliographical data.
  8. The typescript should be typeset using Times Roman 12 pt font with 1,5 line spacing. Preferred file formats are MS Word 6 or Open Office compatible.
  9. In order to facilitate the blind reviewing process, authors are asked not to disclose their identity anywhere within the text’s pages. The text should start with the full title of the article on top of the first page. Additionally, the article should be preceded by a cover page containing: full title of the article, abstract (150-200 words) and key words, name and surname of the author, a short note on the author i.e. title, academic affiliation or present work affiliation, and an email address that can be disclosed to the journal readers.

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