Sztuka i Filozofia / Art and Philosophy

The peer-reviewed journal Sztuka i Filozofia / Art and Philosophy has been published twice a year since 1989, created by faculty of the Aesthetics Department of the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Philosophy. The journal publishes academic papers and essays bridging still largely disconnected fields of art, art criticism, aesthetics and philosophy, and is open to all modes of philosophical inquiry. The journal aims to investigate ongoing developments in the contemporary world of art and the academic circles of aestheticians and philosophers. We have published thematic issues devoted to themes such as phenomenological approaches to the image and language; environmental aesthetics; new takes on the avant-garde; expressivity in the arts; philosophy of music; museum philosophy; and philosophy of architecture.

Sztuka i Filozofia  / Art and Philosophy is listed on List B of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s parametric system with 10 points, is recognised as an associated journal by the International Society for Aesthetics, and is indexed by Index Copernicus, and listed in the databases of EBSCO, ERIH+, and PhilPapers. The digitised contents of all archival issues and individual articles are available at BazHum.

The print version of the journal is distributed by Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper (Semper Scientific Publishers), who also handles subscriptions. Sztuka i Filozofia  / Art and Philosophy is available in about fifty academic libraries and many bookshops. The paper version of the journal is the version of record, with ISSN 1230-0330. Sztuka i Filozofia / Art and Philosophy is financed from the BST funds of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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