Issue 50/2017

Expression and Expressivity in Art

  1. Krzysztof Guczalski: What, ultimately, is expression in art?
  2. Małgorzata Przanowska: The Truth of Acouological Expression: Hermeneutic Inspirations
  3. Anna Chęćka: Music as Art Representing Emotions: James O. Young on the Weaknesses of Musical Formalism
  4. Anna Barcz: The Polyphony of Adolescence: Carmina Slovenica in Heiner Goebbels’s Musical Theatre (An Attempt at Para‑aesthetic Analysis)
  5. Magdalena Krasińska: The History of Music in the Context of the Aesthetic of Reception
  6. Katarzyna Bogdanowicz: Roger Scruton’s Theory of Musical Experience in the Debate Over the Expressive Meaning of Music
  7. Edyta Kuzian: Susanne Langer’s Expressive Meaning in Dance: A Critique


  1. Katarzyna Bogdanowicz: Does Music Express Emotions?

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