Issue 46/2015

  1. Editorial

Heidegger on architecture, space and sculpture

  1. Karl Michalski: Martin Heigedder’s philosophy of architecture
  2. Magda Kaźmierczak: The embodiment of places and the opening up of spaces. Martin Heidegger meets Eduardo Chillida

Architecture and phenomenology

  1. Katarzyna Wejman: The body in architecture – neophenomenological typology of the architecture of Hermann Schmitz
  2. Gabriela Świtek: Atmospheres, Characters and Moods: The Empirical and Phenomenological Concepts of Architectural Space


  1. Jacques Derrida: Point de folie – maintenant l’architecture
  2. Nelson Goodman: How buildings mean


  1. Karl Michalski: Heidegger’s hut
  2. Martyna Chrześcijańska: Contemporary towers of Babel. International project of the encyclopedic palace as spatialization form

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