Issue 44/2014

  1. Editorial

Discussion on “Criticism and Interpretation” by Noël Carroll

  1. Kalle Puolakka: The Relevance of Authorial Intentions
  2. Stephen Davies: Modest Actual Mentalism: Questions and Comments
  3. Cynthia Freeland: Abductive Reasoning, Intentionalism and Meanings in Artwork
  4. Elisabeth Schellekens: The End of Artistic Meaning?
  5. Gemma Argüello Manresa: Noël Carroll’s Modest Actual Mentalism
  6. Randall Auxier: Virtual Intentionalism or Actual Intentionalism?
  7. Noël Carroll: Criticism and Interpretation Redux: Responses to My Commentators


  1. Ian Verstegen: A Functional Theory of Post-Modern Art
  2. Joanna Winnicka-Gburek: Personalist Art Criticism – an Outline of a Concept
  3. Jakub Chachulski: Historically Informed Performance a pytanie o historycyzm w muzyce


  1. Art Is not a Commodity. An Interview with Mirosław Jasiński, Director of the City Gallery in Wrocław, by Ewa D. Bogusz-Boltuc


  1. Karl Michalski: Heidegger’s hut
  2. Martyna Chrześcijańska: Contemporary towers of Babel. International project of the encyclopedic palace as spatialization form

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