Issue 30/2007


  1. Nick Zangwill: Beauty (translation by E.D. Bogusz-Bołtuć)
  2. Richard Shusterman: Art as Dramatization (translation by W. Małecki)

Between Criticism and Aesthetics

  1. Leszek Sosnowski: Work of Art as “Theoretical Thing”. Arthur C. Danto’s Understanding of Art
  2. Ewa D. Bogusz-Bołtuć: “I have declared myself an essentialist” 25th Anniversary of The Transfiguartion of the Commonplace by A.C. Danto
  3. Milena Z. Fisher: Think Art! Philosophy of Art and Art of Philosophy by Arthur C. Danto
  4. Jan Stankiewicz: Pragmatist Aesthetics. A Metatheoretical Reflection
  5. Monika Bokiniec: High Culture – Pop Culture. Richard Shusterman and Noël Carroll

Research Papers and Essays

  1. Małgorzata Bogaczyk: Husserl and the Greeks
  2. Dorota Frąckiewicz: Wild Cherries. Popular Culture in the Art of Katharine Kuharic
  3. Katarzyna Sobczuk: On Conventionalization of the Aesthetic Judgment Concerning Landscape
  4. Anna Wolińska: Comments on Pleasure from Perception of the Image of a Focused World
  5. Lidia Klein: The Nature of Architecture – Organic Inspirations in Contemporary Architecture

Reviews and Annotations

  1. Katarzyna Kasia: Giorgio Agamben, Profanations
  2. A notice on results of S. Morawski contest 

The full contents of issue 30-2017 are available at our online archive provided by BazHum.

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