Issue 29/2006

Jean Baudrillard

  1. Jean Baudrillard: An interview conducted by Ewa Izabela Nowak
  2. Jean Baudrillard: Violence of the Virtual and Integral Reality
  3. Jean Baudrillard: The Melodrama of Difference (or, The Revenge of the Colonized)
  4. Jean Baudrillard: On Radical Uncertainty or Thought as the Double

The Disappearing Image (discussion panel)

  1. I. Lorenc: On the Possibility of Weak Ontology: from Baudrillard to Vattimo
  2. Alicia Kuczyńska: The Power of Representation: Between Obligation and Helplessness
  3. Krystyna Wilkoszewska: Aesthetics Against the Power and Weakness of Images
  4. Teresa Pękala: The Image and the Meta-frame: Aesthetics and the Meta-aesthetic
  5. Roman Kubicki: And yet I do yearn… In Search of the New Intimacy
  6. Grzegorz Sztabiński: The Betrayed Image
  7. Wojciech Chyła: The Teletechnological Programmatization of Sensibility or “the Aesthetics of Dissapearance”: Deliberations upon the Teletechnological Medium of the Image
  8. Anna Wolińska: In Anticipation of the Image. Remarks on Suspense Building in the Art of Horror
  9. Bogna Obidzińska: From Daguerreotype to Snapshot: Considerations upon the Margins of K. Blixen’s and V. Woolf’s Memoirs

Word, Language, Reality

  1. Stanisław Kwiatkowski: Language – the Reality of the Human Being
  2. Camilla Najdek: On Objects in Language. A Sketch on Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy of Language
  3. Maria Gołębiewska: The Conception of Sense in Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s Existential Semiotics
  4. Brygida Pawłowska-Jądrzyk: The Mirror, the Lamp, the Swan… An Essay on Vladimir Nabokov’s Prose
  5. Jan Piasecki: The Esse of Beauty – Władysław Stróżewski’s Aesthetics
  6. Olga Bażenowa, Ella Chmielewska, Beata Elwich, Krystyna Gutowska, Olga Szparaga: Transit Spaces: Inspiration, Conversation, Collaboration
  7. Blanks Brzozowska: In Praise of Artificiality, or: Who is the post-tourist?


  1. Magdalena Wolska: Evil and Pataphysics
  2. Mateusz Salwa: Hommage á Cézanne ou « Cézanne » ?

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