Workshop in Philosophy of Music

15 hours,
2 ECTS points,
Institute of Philosophy

dr Anna Chęćka
dr Michał Libera
dr hab Iwona Lindstedt
mgr Michał Νakοneczny
dr Mateusz Salwa
dr Małgorzata A. Szyszkowska

with guest lecture by prof. Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland)
Values of Music

Jerrold Levinson

General Introduction
You are invited to take part in the Workshop in Philosophy of Music meant as introduction to the field of philosophy of music – the philosophical domain of studies focused on the art of music and problems of its nature, structure and assessment. Moreover the area of Philosophy of Music focuses on musical time, space and the sound environment itself, researches the musicality behind other artistic phenomena and searches for the everyday musical quality of life.

Workshop in Philosophy of Music is an intensive course. In fact most readings and online activities will be available on the course website from early April to late June but the workshop meetings and all proper communication with lecturers will only take place during three weeks from 28th of April to 16th of May. During these three weeks there will be 6 workshop meetings introducing varied areas of problems, exploring questions and introducing research topics. Lecturers will explain problems and invite student to presentations of the areas of research they themselves are passionate about.

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Book “20th Century Aesthetics in Poland”

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